facts and logic about lyß ive been into anime since i was 9, and even before then ive always took interest in it. im more interested in titles that are considered more obscure in the west. i dont like alot of mainstream stuff. something about a series going mainstream loses my interest in it. im not sure why. im also into series that have more edgy elements. im not a big fan of moe/cutesy anime. i find titles from the 2000s to be the most interesting.

the first japanese franchise ive actually consifered myself into as an anime fan was vocaloid, and ive been into it since 2010. it was the very franchise that got me even more invested into anime fandoms and, despite it not being anime, it was my first anime fandom i considered myself in. and kagamine len was my first anime husbando. it was also the franchise that introduced me to 3d, graphic design, and figure collecting!

i LOVE animals of all kinds! i especially love dogs!

HUGE fan of sanrio and mascot characters since i was a kid! i literally go crazy for anything related to sanrio lol. my favorite mascot characters include cinnamoroll, charmmy kitty, rilakkuma, and happy bunny.

i dont like politics. and i dont want to be around anybody who is an activist type.

bunny boy worshipper

ive used mmd for ten years and formerly went by the names FBandCC (2010-2014), BunnehTehZooZoo (youtube, 2010-2015), FB-C (2015), monobuni (2015), but have left the community back in 2020 (although i still ocassionally mess around with the program). i was also an active deviantart user until they changed the layout. click here if you wanna know my full backstory.

i am currently studying japanese and hope to be fluent someday.

i have a weird interest in learning about nintendo games but not playing the games themselves

husbando > waifu

sometimes i forget people actually read these

Lollipop Shiny
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